Krav Maga is not developed with belts and gradings and at IKMS grading is not required or necessary for a student to progress at in their skills level.  Krav Maga is not a martial art, it was created fundamentally as a modern, reality-based, self-defence system. Kraal Maga is easy to pick up and designed to teach the general population quick defence and fighting skills and techniques in order to stay safe and defend if necessary.  

Each level of the curriculum requires the student to become proficient  specific strikes, kicks, defences and counter attacks for different reality-based situations. As the student develops, the syllabus will include knife, gun, bat and other weapons defences, sparring, multiple attackers and later on will extend to reality-based training for high stress situations such as home invasion, attempted kidnap and threats in close quarter conditions (e.g. buses, airplanes, etc.)

Throughout training we conduct regular ‘pressure tests’ and use the grading system below to assess a students skills and give feedback in order to help them progress.

This entry level class is designed for all new Krav Maga students. The goal of the class is to teach the basics of self defense and fighting. Students will learn Krav Maga's fighting stance and movement, various punches, kicks from standing position as well as from on the, Read more >>

Upon completing KM Level 1, students will participate in a grading workshop and test into KM Level 2. In this intermediate level class, students will continue to review and hone the skills learned in KM Level 1, as well as learn , Read More >>

Upon completion of KM Level 2, students will test into KM Level 3. In this intermediate class students will continue to train on strikes, defenses against strikes, and self defense, including more advanced techniques that involve defending against weapons, Read More >>

This class was designed specifically for level 4 students interested in more advanced training with emphasis on advanced techniques. The curriculum includes additional punches and kicks, more defenses against punches and kicks, defenses against knives, guns, Read More >>

This class is for advanced students only and will cover all the advanced curriculum including fighting, ground fighting, advanced self defense, all weapons defenses, and third party protection and situational awareness.
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KRAV MAGA LEVEL 6 – : Invitation Only (12 Months Minimum)